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Ottawa Interior Waterproofing. Really?

Updated: May 5

The quest of the foundation repair industry and so called foundation experts to drum up business are using the catch phrase Interior Waterproofing.

The term interior waterproofing is becoming more and more widely used among the industry.

It’s unclear to us at Braden Foundation if the so called foundation repair “professionals” or self proclaimed “experts” even understand what they are saying when using this term, interior waterproofing.

Mind you, it does sound fancy and technical. But is it? And what the bananas is it?

Well folks, the Cole’s notes version of interior waterproofing is a process where a contractor creates a barrier on the interior of the basement and stops water from being able to come into contact and damage the contents inside of the basement. This will include drywall, framing, insulation etc.

The pitch sounds inviting because it does not involve disrupting the exterior property and the cost, in theory, much lower.

“Where do I sign up?”

Before you sign on the line with this innovated sales pitch. Ask these questions.

A) Is the foundation contractor addressing the root problem?

B) What is the root problem?

C) Is the foundation contractor fixing my foundation?

D) If the root problem is not addressed, what will happen to my foundation?

These are just some questions that the cleaver sales person will avoid answering or simply just not have a clue what path they are leading you down. They themselves may even believe they are “fixing” the problem. Ahh The joy of dealing with an unregulated industry.

Reality check folks, you cannot fix your leaky boat from the interior!

Interior waterproofing is a misnomer, what you have been sold is Water mitigation. Plain and simple, you’ve covered up a problem that isn’t going away. It’s getting worse.

Try putting a cork back in that champagne bottle, keeps it bubbly for a little longer. But you know deep down it’s not going to work.

When water continues to infiltrate the concrete of your home, it continues to cause damage and destruction.

So have the foundation expert Braden Foundation solve your leaky basement permanently.

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