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Orleans foundation cracks are common with the clay soil conditions.  Understand the rood cause, apply the correct repair.

Orleans Foundation Crack Repair

A small crack in your Orleans home foundation will not stay small for very long. Soon that crack will become larger and a leaky basement may not be all you have.  The current trend we see are many more freeze thaw cycles. These conditions can have a major impact on your home foundation. Water will always find its way of least resistance, infiltrating into tiny foundation cracks. Water expands when frozen and in turn creates a larger crack leading water into the basement. Cracks in your home foundation are best fixed from the exterior. We often see companies offering an interior waterproofing solution by epoxy or polyurethane foundation injection. This sounds like it may fix the leaky foundation, but in reality it is merely putting a cork in the hole of your boat. These foundation injections will over time mask the problem temporarily crating the illusion of piece of mind. Beware, the problem is lurking inches away and working its way to a structural foundation issue. Braden Foundation offers the best warranty available to the Orleans community. Backed by a 35 year warranty, you can have piece of mind.

We only offer repairs from the exterior no matter the obstacle. Once the ground has been excavated the exposed cracks will be filled be with an engineered aggregate. A water tight membrane is then applied.  

BRADEN FOUNDATION works with some of the world's leading manufacturers of waterproofing materials, to continue fostering the latest innovations available to the industry. 

Waterproofing and Crack Repair

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