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Stone & Rubble 

Century old houses sitting on top of rubble foundations are not uncommon in and around the Ottawa area. These houses are not going away and sooner or later you are going to have to fix and insulate them. The rapid growth and densification happening in such areas as The Glebe, Old Ottawa South, Westboro, New Edinburgh, Vanier, Little Italy to name a few, you will find a wide variety of stone and rubble foundations. 

In dealing with rubble foundations first we must deal with stability then we have to deal with the water.  A stone foundation can experience shifting and settling in many different ways and directions. Water seepage through cracks in the basement floor, wall or at the point where the floor meets the wall are all too common.

When stabilizing and waterproofing a stone foundation, it is critical that the homeowner select an expert foundation contractor with experience in working on stone foundations.

Stone and Rubble foundation

Braden Foundation Repair just finished a foundation repair at my house.

I am very satisfied with their work. They are on time, thorough, clean, and honest. I hope not to have any more problems with the foundation but I would not hesitate a minute to contact Braden Foundation again - very highly recommend company.

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