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Sewer lin replacement Ottawa

Sewer & Drain Repair

The unpleasant reality is that a sewer pipe leak can get pretty nasty very quickly. When you first notice sewage back up or are aware of leakage in and around your home, it’s a priority to get things fixed fast.

Sewer lines are damaged for a number of reasons. Pipe materials can corrode over time. There could have been physical damages resulting from a repaving of a sidewalk or driveway. Trees and other vegetation can cause damage to sewer pipes from root overgrowth that infiltrates and wraps around pipes.

Sewer pipes can be notoriously difficult to trace, especially on older properties, so you’ll want to hire someone who will trace the problem at its root cause.

A backwater valve (sometimes called a back-flow or sewer backup valve) is a valve you Braden Foundation can install on your sewer line and is designed to allow water or sewage to flow only one way, that is, out of your house. Anytime there is a sudden heavy rainfall, the city of Ottawa sewer lines can become overwhelmed, causing water or sewage to flow back towards your home. If there is a sewer system backup, and you have a backwater valve in place, sewage will not be able to flow back into your house.

Sewer Line Replacement

We had a sewer back up due to roots in the sewer line. Braden Foundation were quick to respond and our needs. They replaced the old sewer line and install a back flow valve. Thank you Ryan and Al  and your team of pro's. Highly recommend!

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