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 Many Ottawa homeowners are underpinning to increase living space, fix structural issues, protect against water and frost damage, or to earn rental income.

Areas such as Westboro, The Glebe, Old Ottawa South, Vanier, Sandy hill to name a few, have been built with shallow basements and stone wall foundations. Many of these foundations are now crumbling and have been built with inadequate or no footings at all.

Underpinning is the process of excavating under the existing foundation of a house and extending the foundations to a new depth. This process strengthens the structure of the house and maximizes its usable square footage. Whether you have a heritage house, detached or semi-detached, we have the expertise to tackle the project. Braden Foundation Repair is reliable, and our experience with a variety of underpinning projects through the years has equipped us with quick problem-solving skills and the proper technical knowledge. 

We offer an on-site consultations with a structural engineer, give us a call today (613) 880-8906

Foundation Underpinning

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Underpinning in Ottawa

Foundation Underpin Ottawa contractors B

Braden Foundation did two foundation jobs for me. One was to underpin an addition foundation; the other was an excavation for a new addition. In both cases Braden Foundation and their staff worked in a friendly, diligent & timely manner. The work was done 100% to my satisfaction at a reasonable price.

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