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Ottawa Sump pump or not?

Updated: May 5

Many people are often apprehensive about the suggestion of installing a sump pump for many reasons.

-“I’ve never had one before and it’s been 30 years of living in my home”,

-“I feel creating access for water in my basement floor could be dangerous”,

-“we’re not in the country, I’ve only seen sump pumps in rural homes”.

And so on.

These concerns and questions are genuine. However there are many reasons to have a sump pump and many reasons why NOW, after 30 years, you need a sump pump.

For starters, it’s a great place to allow spiders and other insects into your home….. Kidding!

The purpose of the sump pump is simply to mange excess water around and from under your home.

Ground water levels will fluctuate throughout the different seasons for a variety of reasons. In some areas even cause extreme hydrostatic pressure.

This pressure can cause basement floors to lift and break, push basement walls in off the concrete footing even float swimming pools out of the ground.

Braden foundation can advise on what type of sump pump and the different sump pump installations that will best suited for your home.

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