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Epoxy Injection AKA Snake Oil

Updated: May 5

All too often the lower cost wins the job. Now we are not about to tell you that just because quotes and estimates that are higher automatically are the way to go. What we are suggesting is that the public needs to be informed on a variety of issues.

Ideally when a foundation crack is discovered, you understand immediately that it needs to be looked at by a foundation professional. You ring a couple foundation contractors. One foundation contractor thoroughly inspects the issue. For argument sake, not a major structural issue.

That contractor advised a permanent fix from the exterior. ( Braden Foundation only offers this exterior method).

Second contractor inspects the crack, and again for the purpose of this blog assume this contractor does a thorough inspection and comes to the same conclusion “not a structural crack”. Only this contractor offers a more inexpensive option.

This option my friends is the famous EPOXY or POLYURETHANE injection. Now I won’t go into the difference of the two at the moment.

This contractor also uses the phrase “fix the crack”.

Now this is the dangerous part. The misleading statement of “fix the crack”.

Please know that these injectable products DO NOT “fix the crack”. They merely plug a portion of the crack temporarily stopping water from entering the home.

It also looks quite impressive creating the illusion something was fixed.

The reality is that it’s impossible to know with certainty that the epoxy injection has been injected the full 8” or 10” through the foundation and exiting the exterior side. In fact it’s likely, at best, the injection was successfully injected only 50% of the thickness of foundation wall.

What does this matter you wonder? Well if the injection only is injected part way that means moister will continue to infiltrate the remaining exposed exterior side of the foundation, freeze, thaw repeat and cause significantly more damage. Suddenly you have another leaky foundation or now the problem has escalated to a structural crack issue. The injection will mask a problem Some times for a few years or months.

So don’t be fooled by the modern day Snake Oil of the foundation injections.

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