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Going beyond the repair

Updated: 5 days ago

Okay, so you've hired a #foundationrepaircompany to "repair" the #foundationcrack in your #Ottawa home. Let's for a moment agree that the repair method and material used is equal to Braden #Foundations permanent repair.

Is there anything else?

Of course there is.

Part of the Braden foundation repair methods are the crucial steps of Going beyond the repair.

Going beyond the repair? What on earth does that mean you ask?

Well previously Braden Foundation touched on how a professional in this industry can identify most problems quickly.

Well, going beyond the repair is just another part of the professionalism Braden Foundation offers.

Part of the Braden foundation method is implementing mechanisms to protect the repair and the rest of the #concretefoundation from future elements and situations that can damage the foundation.

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