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Braden Foundation Construction Offers Underpinning and Waterproofing Services to Protect Your Home and Foundation

For those that are in the Ottawa area, having a quality foundation in your home is extremely important. With a proper foundation, your home will continue to have the support that can help to protect your property. If you are experiencing any foundation challenges, the team with Braden Foundation Construction can offer services that can help to protect and improve the structure of your property.

One of the services that the Braden Foundation Construction team can offer helps to waterproof your basement. If you have a basement in your home, you will want to know that you are able to enjoy it without worrying about water intrusion. This can be done with various services including the installation of a drain tile and sump pump system. If there is some water intrusion, this system will help to pump it safely out of your home. To further prevent water intrusion, the team can help to seal cracks in the foundation and improve the exterior drainage.

If you have more significant structural challenges with your home, you should discuss underpinning services with Braden Foundation Construction. With this service, the contractor will dig underneath your home and below the foundation of the property. There will be additional foundation support put underneath the home in stages, which will further strengthen your foundation that will help to protect your property moving forward.

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